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Licq Patches


  • I use this script to resync patches: syncpatch. (and of course, solve posibles conflicts by hand) Sugestions?
  • cleans the licq config files so it downloads the whole server list and upload the local user list. Make backups before useit. note that the script also do backups (~).
  • This page (and the tables) is staticly generated using this script. The futureof php :). (sample of input file)

Other peoples patches

my pending patches

Raw directory

The ones with yellow background are the one i would like to see inside licq official tree

File Description Synced to CVS Last Change Date Comments
qt-gui already shows the client information for others licq peers in user's tooltip. This small patch extends that, so all the known clients are showed, not just licq.

20030727 20030501
i saw lot of duplicated code, and i couldn't resist the temptation. As a side effect improvement, now it is `easier' to port to systems without dlopen.

20030727 20030403
add a couple of options at LICQ / Options / Miscellaneous / Incoming /File Location that enables the user to select a default directory for incoming file transfers.

BEHAVIOR: If the remote user is in `AutoAcceptMode' or `Always use incoming path' option is enabled then this directory is used, else QFileDialog pops-up as usual.

Store autoaccept directory in plugins configuration. (this is right?)

20030727 20030131 31/01/2003 typo and coding style issue
makes the errors/warnings message box popups that are rootless to popup only one at the time, instead of having lots of popups.

the solution is a queue for orphan messages.

20030727 20020801 01/08/2002: Now compiles both in qt2 and qt3
Implements personals interests / past backgrounds / affiliations.

The support right now is read-only (no update to the server yet) Note that the GUI needs some redefinition. Is not so nice.

20030727 20020801 06/08/2002: <b>no longer works</b><br> 01/08/2002: Now apply against cvs again<br>

licq-devel lossy patches

Some patches that are not commited. Note that these are not the originals patches. I resync them against cvs.

File Description Synced to CVS Last Change Date Comments

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